I smiled emphatically. After the two-and-a-half hour drive from Valencia, I had successfully navigated my way to Dana Point Harbor all while managing to avoid rush-hour traffic. I drank in the smell of the salt water and cries of the seagulls as I walked down the pier. This weekend was going to be stellar.

Courtesy of Danaharbor.com

courtesy of markdroberts.com

Not only did I have the pleasure of spending the next three days in this sleepy little Southern Orange town, but I was going to spend it surfing with two of my amigas from Nicaragua, Emily and Kristi. Kristi had a house just up the road from Doheny and we planned on making the best use of our time. The only way this trip could exceed the awesomeness that was planned was if our fellow travelers from Nica could have paddled out with us.